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Price Inflation from 1750

One question which often occurs in analysing family fortunes is "What would it be worth now?" This calculator will give you an idea of the purchasing power of the pound in today's terms (2001) of a sum of money available in any year from 1750 onwards.

The information on which the calculation is based has been obtained from Research Paper 02/44, dated 11 July 2002 "Inflation: the value of the pound 1750 to 2001", published by the House of Commons Library. Research Papers are available to the general public on the Parliamentary web site.

Please enter the year [between 1750 and 2001] from which you want to calculate price inflation and the amount in GBP. Press the "Go" button to get the result

NOTE: The calculator works by running a script within the page. Your browser may give you a warning of active content on the page. If you want the calculation to run, you must allow this blocked content.

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