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The following table is a transcript of the contents list from 'The Gentleman's Pocketbook for 1846', showing the type of information which presumably would be useful to have to hand.

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“Gentleman’s Pocket Book for 1846” Contents List


Acts of Parliament during last Session, Summary of

Ireland, Great Law Officers in

Agents, Army

Ireland, Revenue Department

Agents, Navy, in London

Jewish Calendar

Agents for Officers of Marines

Kings College, London

Almanack for 1846

Knights of the Garter

Ambassadors, British and Foreign

Knights of the Thistle

Army Department

Knights of the Bath

Army, List of the

Knights of St. Pancras

Assessed Taxes

Lord Lieutenants of Counties

Bankers in London and Westminster

Lord Mayor, &c. of London

Bankers in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

Magistrates of the Police

Baronets in England

Memorandum, Pages for

Baronets in Scotland

Ministers, the Queen’s

Baronets in Ireland

Navy, the Admiralty

Branch Banks of the Bank of England

Navy, Admirals in the

British Consuls abroad

Officers of her Majesty’s Household

British Settlements, Governors of

Officers of Prince Albert’s Household

Cabriolet and Hackney Coach Fares

Officers of the Prince of Wales’s Household

Chelsea Hospital

Officers of the Household of the Queen Dowager

Chinese Money

Officers of State (Chief) and Public Offices

Courts of Law

Ordnance, Office of

Directors of the Bank of England

Post Office

Directors of East India Company

Privy Council

Directors of South Sea Company

Public Debt of Great Britain, &c.

Directors of London Dock Company

Quarter Sessions

Directors of East and West India Dock Company

Royal Military Asylum

Directors of St. Katherine Dock Company

Scotland, Peer of

Establishments of the different branches of the Royal Family

Scotland, Lord Lieutenants in

Greenwich Hospital

Scotland, Officers of State in

Heralds College

Sovereign Princes of Europe with their Births, &c.

Holidays at the Public Offices

Stamp and Legacy Duties

House of Peers, List of the


House of Peers, Officers of the

Tower of London, Officers of the

House of Commons, Alphabetical List

Transfer Days at the Bank

House of Commons, County List

Trinity House, Corporation of

House of Commons, Officers of the

University of Oxford

Ireland, Peers of

University of Cambridge

Ireland, Lord Lieutenants in

University of London

Ireland, Officer of State in

Weather, Observation on the


Weights and Measures



Updated 22 January 2006