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Cycling around Christchurch

From the Sea to the Chalk Downs

My cycling routes around Christchurch generally go North and East - to the West lies the conurbation of Bournemouth and Poole, and to the South lies the English Channel. Most of the routes will be self-evident from an Ordnance Survey map of the area, and you will certainly need to buy one if you want to follow up any of these suggestions. But if you are new to the area, or require some encouragement to get on your bike, I hope thes page will provide it!

The routes I favour are those on the back roads, relatively traffic free - since I reckon these increase my chance of survival. I also choose early morning where possible, when traffic is less and the air feels fresher.

By the way, these routes are all on metalled roads. I ride a road bike, and prefer to keep to the roads. While there are attractive off-road routes in the New Forest and on the chalk downs near Salisbury, I leave those to walkers and hikers.

Most trips can be completed in under 3 hours by the averagely-fit cyclist - just right before breakfast on a Sunday morning - if you start early enough. Maybe I'll see you one of these days? I've broken them down into sections (routes) which can be fitted together to provide some variety or to vary the distance according to your inclination.


You will need a map to make much sense of these descriptions. To carry with you on your rides, I would recommend the Ordnance Survey mapping of the New Forest a scale of 1:50000. You will need to set yourself up with OS MAp 195 (Bournemouth and Purbeck), OS Map 184 (Salisbury and The Plain) and OS Map 194 (Dorchester and Weymouth). However the internet opens up a wide variety of free and subscription services for maps including Bing and the OS Maps.

For browsing my web site, however, I've included links to the mapping services provided by Bing. Just click on the thumbnail to see a scrollable map of the area. The maps launch another tab on your browser; you can return to my homepage by clicking on the appropriate tab.

So, if you want to know more, go to my Routes Page