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Measures and Currency Guide to the 1831 Property Sales Catalogue

Area Measure

1 Acre (abbreviated to A.) = 4840 square yards
1 Acre = 4 rods
1 Rod (abbreviated to R.) = 1210 square yards
1 Rod = 40 Perches (or Poles)
1 Pole (abbreviated to P.) = 30.25 square yards

In metric terms, the metre is 1.09 yards.


In 1831, the United Kingdom used the currency based on Pounds, shillings and pence, as follows:

1 pound sterling (abbreviated to £) = 20 shillings
1 shilling (abbreviated to s.) = 12 pence
Pence (singular penny) is abbreviated to d. (after the Latin denarius)

The UK now uses a currency based on pounds and new pence, where there are 100 new pence to the pound.

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