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Farms & Other Landulph Properties Mentioned in the Exeter Flying Post

A remarkable newspaper archive exists at the Westcountry Studies Libary in Exeter, recording events in the Westcountry from the 1750s onwards, as published in the pages of the 'Exeter Flying Post'.

I have found the following few announcements relating to property within the parish of Landulph.

Exeter Flying Post, 1 October 1801


To be LET by public Auction, on Tuesday the Twenty-seventh Day of October next; for such Term as may be then agreed on, at the KING'S ARMS TAVERN, Plymouth-Dock, by Three o'clock in the Afternoon, (if not before disposed of by private Contract, of which due NOtice will be given,) all that valuable and extensive SALMON FISHERY, situate at Calstock Wear, on the River Tamar, in the County of Cornwall, now in the Occupation of ARTHUR DEEBLE and others, whose Term will expire at Lady-day next, when the Taker will have immediate Possession.

For further Particulars, apply to Mr. JOSEPH WOOLMER, Linen Draper. in Fore-street, Exeter.

N.B. At the same Time will be LET, a FISHERY at Penniock Wear-Pool, in the Parish of Landulph, situate on the River Tamar, in the Parish of LAndulph, about Three Miles from Saltash.

23 Sept. 1801

Exeter Flying Post, 3 October 1805

"To be sold by auction, at the inn, at Cargreen, in the parish of Landulph, on Saturday the 19th day of October inst. between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, the fee-simple and inheritance of all that part of South Wayton Estate which lies on the west of Wayton Green, in the parish of Landulph, containing about fifty acres of excellent arable, meadow, and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Longmaid, as tenant thereof. Particulars in the mean time may be known of Mr. White, solicitor, Wellington, Somerset. Wellington, October 1st 1805"

Exeter Flying Post, 15 February 1810

"To be sold, the BARTON of CLIFTON, in the parish of Landulph, Cornwall, on the banksof the Tamar, and within a short distance of Saltash and Plymouth-dock, lately let to a very respectable tenant for a term of 21 years, from Michaelmas next, at the yearly rent of 300l clear. The land-tax is redeemed and the estate tithe-free during the term.

For selling the same, a public survey will be held at the Bew Crown Hotel, Plymouth-dock; on Monday 5th day of March next, by three o'clock in the afternoon.

For particulars,apply to the Rev. Vyvyan Jago, Landulph - Dated Jan. 2oth 1810."

Exeter Flying Post, 27 June 1822

"To be sold by auction, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of Wednesday, the 17th of July next, at Gonde's, the King's Arms Hotel, Plymouth Dock, the Estate called Park, in the parish of Landulph, Cornwall, distant by water about six miles from Dock and two from Saltash, consisting of a roomy Cottage, comprising ten rooms, two kitchens, with attached offices, and two large walled gardens, a gig-house, three-stalled stable, a cow-house, barns, farm-yard, etc and about twenty acres of superior land and orchards; and a good pew in the Church. This estate is held of the Duchy of Cornwall for three young lives, with the perpetual right of renewal, on payment of the moderate fine. Conventionary rent 3 8s. - the premises are well supplied with water. To view the same, apply thereon to Mr Richard Goodridge, the proprietor; and for further particulars, to Mr Daniel Smith, solicitor, 27 Edgecumb-street, Stonehouse, where a plan of the property may be seen."

Exeter Flying Post, 27 November 1851

Tide Mills, Malthouse, and Lands, in the parish of Landulph in Cornwall.
To be sold by auction, Park (under powers Sale contained in a Mortgage,) by Messrs Skardon and Sons, at Wheeler's to Inn, in Torpoint, in Cornwall, on Friday, 5th December 1851 at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced,) the Fee-Simple and Inheritance of and in all that Estate, called Salter Mills Farm, otherwise (Higher Salter Mills,) with the Tide Mills, Malthouse and Brew House, thereto belonging, situate in the parish of Landulph, in the county of Cornwall; comprising a convenient farmhouse, with out-houses, stable, chall, &c; a large walled garden, well-stocked with fruit trees, and Three Fields, (one lately a Garden, a ) and containing, altogether, about seven and a half Acres, and the Mill Pool, containing about ten Acres, (at least three Acres of which may be converted into productive land, whereby the depth of water for the mill at a would be increased.)
The Mills contain three pair of stones, one pair being 4 1/2 feet in diameter, and which cost 50; smut machine, boulter, and other necessary standing in going gear, capable of carrying on as an extensive flower trade.
Attached to the Mills are a double Malthouse and Loft, adapted to a large business. The Malthouse contains one cistern, one kiln and two working floors, and is well supplied with fresh water. There is also good Brewhouse attached to the premises.
This desirable property is situate on the western side of, and bounded by, the River Tamar, about half a mile above Cargreen, and was lately in the occupation of Mr John Luscombe, Miller and Maltster.
A large amount of money has been expended in Improvements, and to a Capitalist the entire property offers a safe and profitable Investment. that It also lies in a Mineral District.
For further particulars apply to G. and J. Pridham, Solicitors, Sun Fire and Life Offices, 10, Union Street, Plymouth, dated 14th November, 1851.

Exeter Flying Post, 20 September 1855

Landulph-Cornwall. Six miles from Plymouth and Devenport, on the banks of the Tamar.
Important sale of Leicester Sheep, Short Horn Bullocks, and Neapolitan Pigs.
Messrs Widdicombe and Son will sell, at Auction on Wednesday, September 26th, 1855, at Marsh, in the parish of Landulph, the following cattle, the property of Mr Elliott, declining business, consisting of 132 superior ewes principally stinted with lamb, 58 fat wethers and ewes, 90 ewe and wether hoggets, four rams; 24 cows and heifers in calf and in milk, 22 choice fat heifers and s are 14 heifer and steer yearlings, 20 heifer and steer Bath calves, and four bulls; 4 carthorses, staunch to collar and harness, a grey colt, 3 years old by "Grey Castle," will make a first class carriage horse, a bay three hack yearling colt, a black cob pony, 5 years old, a clever hack; 20 improved Neapolitan pigs, of different ages including three young boars.
Mr Elliott had for a long series of years bestowed a special care in the selection of his stock, for which he has enjoyed a high reputation, and the auctioneers can confidently recommend the above (which they are assured cannot be surpassed in the West of England) to the notice of a gentleman breeders, and others desirous of procuring first class stock.
A large proportion of the fat heifers will be sold to be kept until Christmas, for the accommodation of purchasers if desired.
For the convenience of persons attending the sale, the "Express" steam boat will leave Mill Bay Pier, near the Railway-station at Plymouth, at half-past ten, after the arrival of the 10.10 train, calling at a North Corner and Newpassage at a quarter before eleven, returning to Mill Bay Pier in the evening, in time for the mail train, at 7.10.
Refreshments on the table at a level, and the sale to commence at 12 o'clock precisely.
Royal Farmers' and General Fire and Life Insurance Office, Hay, Ugborough September 17th, 1855.

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